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Welcome to SailNavSim, a virtual sailing navigation simulator where you can sail and race with your friends and others online. Go to the help page to read more about it, or scroll below to get started...

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Quick Start

Create a quick single-player race with random parameters.

Your name:

Go to Your Boat

Go to your boat details and controls page. To get a boat key, join or create a race.

Your boat key:

Join Race

Join an existing race. If you don't have a race ID, create a new race or try joining one of the upcoming races.

Your name:
Existing race ID:

Create Race

Create a custom single-player or multiplayer race where you can invite others to join.

Your name:

Starting position (input decimal degrees):

Finishing bounding box (input decimal degrees):
Min latitude: > southwest corner
Min longitude:
Max latitude: > northeast corner
Max longitude:
Require landing to finish?:

Position sharing interval: - how often boat positions are shared among members in race
Start race in:
Make race private?: - won't show your race on the public upcoming races page
Short race description:
optional, max 80 characters
Private message to race joiners:
optional, max 400 characters