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DescriptionRace IDBoat TypeBoats Position SharingStart TimeStart Position Waypoints Finish Bounding Box Map
Lukas's Race: Voyage of the James Caird (Elephant Island to South Georgia)68f0bd9ad3d0b7b5998b99122c990c8fImprovised Lifeboat
41 minute2024-04-24 16:15:00Z (in 2d 06h 04m 38s)61°05'43"S 054°51'08"Wnone
53°50'52"S 038°23'48"W----------53°50'52"S 035°30'36"W
|Land only|
54°58'00"S 038°23'48"W----------54°58'00"S 035°30'36"W