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Upcoming Public Races

NameDescriptionRace IDBoat TypeNumber of BoatsPosition Sharing IntervalStarting PositionFinishing Bounding BoxWaypointsMapStart Time
2021 Transpac2021 Transpacific Yacht Race - Los Angeles to Honolulu8e16725db394cc2b774c8950d75eb003Volvo 70
21 minute33°42'12"N 118°17'39"W
21°15'45"N 157°49'07"W----------21°15'45"N 157°47'35"W
|Land or Water|
21°11'59"N 157°49'07"W----------21°11'59"N 157°47'35"W
2021-07-17 1600Z (in 31d 07h 44m 02s)